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Shengding Building Materials is beyond your imagination

Prevent static electricity

The raised floor system is stable and durable. The system resistance is 1.0 × 10 from the power of 6 to 1.0 × 10 to the 10th power Ω.

Strong bearing capacity

It adopts cold-rolled steel plate, filled with high-strength foaming and cement, and is evenly weighed.

Ultra high wear resistance

Long product life and high recovery rate of 85%.
Equipment is not maintained, and parts are worn out

Fire retardant

Fireproof, heat insulation, flame retardant, review level

Good waterproof

Excellent waterproof performance, whether it is instant soaking or
Slowly wet, no plate body will be formed after treatment
Auxiliary materials such as deformation and veneer are wrinkled and degummed.

Why choose Sanding Building Materials?
Focus on the development of high quality automation equipment

1 sophisticated materials, introducing precision equipment

  • The factory chooses excellent materials and introduces precision equipment.
  • Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship
  • High-tech refined products, dedication and sincere service.
Immediate consultation
novelty, to meet the customization needs of different customers
Yaman clothing, perfect quality management system

2 Customer Needs Research

  • Adopt custom direct sales mode, factory direct supply,
  • Remove any intermediate links and implement a peer-to-peer service model.
  • More customized cost performance.
Immediate consultation

3 for construction applications

  • We provide professional door-to-door service for each project.
  • Install it for you in time, clean up the site after installation,
  • Give you a new experience and service.
Immediate consultation
Modern production equipment to ensure fast shipment
Complete service system to solve your worries

4 Gold After-sales Service for your worries

  • The company has excellent R&D, sales and after-sales service teams.
  • Guarantee the quality and use of the product
Immediate consultation
Shengding Building Materials-Partner
Sincerely invite customers at home and abroad to establish cooperative relations
Custom process
Provide you with one-stop customized service
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“People-oriented, continuous innovation, quality and quantity, integrity management”

Shenzhen Shengding Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of decorative building materials with considerable scale. In the process of growing up in just a few years, it has established the self-owned brand “Shengding” of domestic movable steel partition wall series products in South China. The district has established a good brand reputation and image throughout the country. In modern society, the requirements for building materials are increasingly diversified. In response to market demand, Shengding Building Materials Co., Ltd. is equipped with perfect professional production equipment, strictly controls the production process, and establishes a complete supply system from design, production, circulation to after-sales service. . In the past few years【More】

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